[Kernel-peer-lab] Reactivating the group

Pau Espin Pedrol pespin at espeweb.net
Fri May 13 00:32:41 CEST 2022


On 5/12/22 15:16, Matthias Brugger wrote:
> I've also de domain kernel.barcelona which we could use for that. If you tell me
> to where you want me to redirect it, I can do that. Maybe we can even use the
> hosting that's included in the domain. As you like, going with bcnfs.org is also
> perfect.

kernel.barcelona looks awesome if you want to share it for this purpose. 
Even a subdomain peerlab.kernel.barcelona would be enough in case you 
want to reuse the domain for other stuff since you own it.

I could host it in my own home server if really required, but I think it 
probably makes more sense to have it in the hosting space, specially 
since we only need a static web page with a small description and a few 
links to start with.

IIRC you used to have a web page with a description for the group. Maybe 
we can use that as a first version and propose improvements? We could 
have it in a codeberg.org repo or alike if you want.

> Maybe we can ask BCNFS people to publish the meetings in their meetup account,
> which will give us more visibility.

That sounds good, though I don't really use the platform myself usually 
(and not feeling like starting to use it more right now).

IIRC there's also some webpage specialized in containing a calendar of 
free software events. It could also be interesting to have it there.

>> Not sure it makes sense to have the three of them. Matrix could use the
>> libera.chat gateway, like #bcn-kernel-peer-lab:libera.chat which was enough with
>> my element client.

To be honest I don't care about telegram myself if we have IRC and 
Matrix, but other people liked the idea of having a telegram group. I 
think it's fine having more systems as long as they can be bridged so 
that we don't force people having to install Telegram.

> I'll send that to you in private right now.

Thanks I received it, I'll try to submit a request for Friday 3 of June 

>> * Contact bcnfs.org to tell them to add a link to their mailman from
>> their front web page.

Answering to Aleix here: Thanks, it's been a big while since I last did 
web stuff, so I'd welcome if somebody can take care of submitting a PR 
there. If nobody is interested I'll try to do it myself at some point 
when I find some time

>> * Register #bcn-kernel-peer-lab room in libera.chat to have moderator rights

I plan to do this myself hopefully over next days.

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