[Kernel-peer-lab] Reactivating the group

Pau Espin Pedrol pespin at espeweb.net
Tue May 10 22:41:46 CEST 2022


A few of us attended the  last meeting we had in May 6th (the first in 
~2 years after the pandemic started), and we discussed about 
reactivating the group a bit among other stuff.

We also shared our concerns regarding the fact that the group has almost 
no visibility, and it's difficult to find it even if knowing about its 
existence, be it for contacting members or the community, or joining 
physical meetings.

This email aims at collecting ideas and specific actions to do which we 
agreed on in order to improve the above concerns:

* The bcnfs.org page is missing a link to its mailman. This makes it 
incredibly difficult to find the bcnfs.org mailing lists (ours included) 
even if knowing about its existence (I really had some trouble myself).

* Have some well-known web page which is easy to share and find through 
search engines, which has a small description of the group and how to 
participate. We could ask bcnfs.org if they could provide a subdomain or 
subpath + a minimal hosting (1 static html web page is enough imho). 
IIRC Matthias already had such a web page somewhere, but I was unable to 
find it. I can host it myself if needed, but I think having it in some 
well known place like bcnfs.org should ease this.

* Have some well-known chatting room where members can hang around and 
interact. Try to have several technologies interconnected through bridges.

** IRC:  libera.chat room #bcn-kernel-peer-lab (I'm already there most 
of the day)

** Telegram group (already created, waiting for captcha bot to publish)

** Matrix room? which server?

* Try to schedule physical meetings around once per month. If we reach 
to a stage with more people we can think about increasing frequency of 
physical meetings (maybe at different locations).

List of specific TODO actions:

* Ask Matthias to provide the document he used to book rooms at 
Lleialtat Santsenca (maybe have the process briefly documented at the 
web page?).

* Contact bcnfs.org to tell them to add a link to their mailman from 
their front web page.

* Contact bcnfs.org to ask them if they can provide us with some minimal 
subdomain/hosting (kernelpeerlab.bcnfs.org?)

* Register #bcn-kernel-peer-lab room in libera.chat to have moderator rights

* Add captcha bot to telegram group

* Investigate need for Matrix chatroom

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